Pex Clamp Without Tool: Super easy way to tighten your water pipes!

Pex Clamp Without Tool

Many pex clamps come with a tool to make installing them easier. However, pex clamp without tools are worth the effort because they can be installed faster and more easily than pex clamps that require tools.

How To Install Pex Clamp Without Tools

This blog post will discuss how to install a pex clamp without the tool in just four easy steps!

  • Step One: Cut pex pipe at the length you need it to be. Remember that pex clamps are not designed for a certain pex pipe size, so you can use them on just about any pex piping system out there! Make sure your cut is straight and smooth by using either a tubing cutter or pecking drill bit.
  • Step Two: Slide pex clamp onto pex tubing and align the pex clamps end holes with your pex piping’s connection points. Once you have done that, just use a screwdriver to tighten up the pex clamp on both ends of your pex pipe using the pre-slotted screws.
  • Step Three: Take a pex pipe and slide it into your pex clamp. Make sure to put the pex clamps onto the end of your pex piping before sliding in any pex pipe! Again, just use a screwdriver to tighten up each side by slotted screws on either end of the pex clamp. That’s it!
  • Step Four: Install pex piping into the pex clamp. Make sure that your pex clamps are on both ends of pex pipe before you slide them in so they can be held firmly in place and prevent any leaks or accidents from happening later down the road. That’s all there is to pex clamp without a tool!

Pex Clamp Without Tool

PEX Clamp is used for connecting PEX tubing. It gives a convenient and quick way to use the secure, durable, and long-lasting connection without utilizing any tools. The PEX clamps are available in various shapes, sizes, and volumes which can be easily installed on both PEX copper pipe plus flexible hoses.

PEX Clamps are used in multiple applications at homes and offices. It can be quickly done by one person, without the help of a plumber or a specialist. In industrial plumbing, PEX Clamps are often favored by most people because they don’t need any tools for installation & uses very little time to get installed.


1) What is the difference between a Pex clamp without a tool and a regular clamp?

– A Pex Clamp without a tool is a one-piece manufactured device that enables someone to build an instant connection point. Unlike a regular clamp that takes several seconds to use and needs a person’s body strength, this tool allows anyone to stretch down or remove the clamp instantly with minimum effort.

– A regular clamp needs a person to use two hands. They have to put their body weight into it and slowly tighten it until it is tight enough not to drip. For the user of this device to enjoy all these advantages, they will need to buy two clamps per connection point.

2) Does it hold any pressure?

– NO!

3) How to use this clamp tool?

– Slide the clamp over the pex pipe. Please embed it into position and pull down on the arm until it is secure against the fitting or nipple, then release. This process must be done before all connections being made. It is recommended that you set up a template with markings on it to manage your installation.

4) Will this work with any pex clamp? If not, what kind of clamp does it include?

– It includes a 1/2 inch Pex Clamp Without Tool – model # JH620.

5) How do I loosen the clamps after finishing my bond without breaking the tool?

– After finishing your connection, you need to insert a small flat screwdriver under the clamp handle and push up while pulling on the pex pipe.

6) Is it plastic?

The clamp handle is made from metal, and the rest of the unit is plastic.

7) What are pex clamps?

– Pex clamps are commonly used as a connection point between two pieces of PEX tubing. Installed correctly, they ensure that there will be no leaks or cracks in your plumbing system. They are a must when completing any plumbing project.

8) Can I use this on a copper pipe?

– No, this is specifically for use on PEX tubing. A regular clamp would be required to connect PEX tubing to a copper fitting or nipple.

9) Will this work for pex tubing that has a square notch?

– Yes. The clamp will fit over the outside of the PEX tubing and still apply even pressure to tighten down and hold securely.

10) Where can I buy it?

– You can purchase it on Amazon on Aliexpress

11) Where can I find more details on this product?

– Check the Amazon or Aliexpress.

12) What’s the best way to cut the end of a pex pipe?

– There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest and safest is to use a Pex cutter. Just make sure you measure double and cut once!

13) What are the dimensions of this clamp?

– The dimension is about 2.5 x 2.25 x 0.5 inch

14) Does it come with directions to use?

– Yes, it does have directions that can be found on the back of the package and online.

15) How many pieces are in the package?

– 1 kit. With your purchase, you get all of these: A pex clamp tool, a pex clamp, and a plastic carrying case that can be hung on a pegboard hook or wall mount for straightforward access.

16) Does this come with any warranty?

– Yes, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

17) Will this work on 3/4 inch pex pipes?

– Yes

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