Predator 212 won’t stay running, How to fix them?

Predator 212 wont stay running

Your predator 212 won’t stay running ?. Not only you but there are also many people experiencing the same thing, their device is not working properly. Hopefully, this article can help you to solve this problem

What do I do to fix my predator 212 that won’t stay running?

  1. Fuel mixture is too rich (there’s black soot around the muffler or on intake track) – richen up the mixture screw until there’s no black soot visible anymore, but still make sure that you can see some of it in unburnt particles.
  2. Fuel tank is empty – fill it up and then get to a gas station AGAIN because there’s no guarantee that they have fuel in the first place.
  3. Spamming the throttle will cause sooty plugs (and only them) – this should be obvious, don’t do it. Keep your idle speed high enough so that your scooter can idle without stalling, but low enough so that you won’t have to hold the throttle wide open to keep it running.
  4. Check spark plug quality – new plugs should have gaped at 1mm-1.5mm (I’m not sure what this is in inches, but basically, they should be in the stock gap). If they are black and sooty, or if they were changed with a smaller gap than 1mm-1.5mm, they need to be replaced with new ones (no matter how good condition they may appear to be in – there is no such thing as “good condition” when it comes to sparking plugs).
  5. Changed oil with a poor quality one or did not change it for your scooter’s recommended maintenance schedule – this can make the piston rings stick, thus decreasing compression and fuel economy.
  6. Scooter was left outside in the cold for too long – yes, even if you were considering buying a winter kit for your scooter, you should NOT rely on that to start the scooter in winter. You can warm up your scooter by letting it idle for 15-30min (idling is best done with the choke-off), and be sure not to let the engine overheat, but if there’s still no progress after that, then you should get some help from a mechanic.
  7. If you run your scooter low on fuel, it’s possible that the final stage of the carburetor has become clogged with deposits. If this happens, then there is no other way to start a scooter than to replace the carburetor or have it professionally cleaned (a new one can also be bought for very cheap).
  8. To avoid scooter dying from not having enough oil, add 1/5 of the amount of fuel – this should allow you to keep going for a while longer until you get to a gas station, but should be used only as an absolute last resort! If you run short on oil, then your piston rings will start sticking again, and that can damage your engine.
  9. If none of the above helped, then there may be a more severe problem with your scooter – in this case, you should contact your local dealership and have them fix it for you (or send it to some company which repairs scooters such as e-Maxx repair).

Predator 212 won’t stay running.

I didn’t mention anything about checking the intake bolts because all of the ones I’ve seen are on tight. Just make sure you double-check them.

I just replaced the carburetor with a new one this past weekend. In September of last year, I bought it so I wouldn’t have to mess with it for years. It ran so well that when the end of the season came around, I decided to take care of it and keep it running (knowing from experience that if I didn’t, I’d have to do it next spring).

So when I was doing the job, I decided that since the spark plug was out anyway, now would be a good time to replace it. So I removed it, and sure enough, it’s worn way down past the threads.

It’s so bad that even after screwing it back in only a little, it would foul out immediately. So I went and bought a new one and replaced it (I don’t remember the number, but it’s in your FAQs somewhere). Well, after getting everything done, I start the generator up, and it won’t stay running longer than a few seconds.

It starts fine, idles fine but as soon as you rev it up, it shuts off. So I did some more research and checked the air filter. It was a bit dirty but not bad at all. So I replaced that as well (not a K&N, though). Also, since I didn’t have anything else to do after work today, I decided to replace the fuel hose from the carburetor to the tank.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the old one, but I figured since I was in there already. So now that all of this is done, it still won’t stay running for more than a few seconds after trying everything possible (spark plug gap at .030 and .028; idle mixture at one turn out on the idle screw; throttle open 1/4 inch).

I’ve also checked the timing, and it seems to be set at 10 BTDC with a .010 TDC mark. Finally, after trying all this (and between everything stretched), I clean out the spark arrestor and make sure nothing gets in there. Everything looks good, so I don’t know what else to do. I’m at my wit’s end here and would appreciate any help you could give me.

It also sounds like the carburetor might get too much fuel, leading to a rich mixture. I would also double-check the air filter and clean it out. Sometimes these machines get debris in them which causes poor performance.

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